Hello I’m Mary. Welcome to MaryMary Glass.

MaryMary GlassIt all started in the mid 2000s when my dear friend Mary and I discovered we had a mutual love of stained glass in all its guises.

A half day workshop making a leaded coloured glass panel first got us interested in actually making things from glass. It involved sticking a range of scrap glass pieces on to an A4 clear base and then filling in all the spaces with polyfilla. When dry we soldered a lead came edge and two hanging hooks.

Another half day introduced us to copper foiling .This a widely used method of making coloured glass light catchers . I designed and constructed a duck. A glass artist friend,Victoria, kindly donated a bucket of scrap glass known as cullet. Mary and I bought the basic glass cutters, copper foil and soldering irons etc. and we were off!

The next step was leaded stained glass so we tried a half day and made a panel each . We were hooked ! We enrolled on a year’s evening class and learned how to make stained glass pieces.

By 2010 we had both retired from long teaching careers so now had the time to focus on glass work. I had a small studio built in the garden and we were able to work together in there – much easier than carting equipment, tools and glass to Mary’s dining table! We attended several craft fairs, decided we needed a name and MaryMary Glass was the result.

We first encountered fused glass visiting a craft fair in Norwich. It all looked so bright with no leading or foiling to detract from the sheer beauty of the glass. Mary and I did an introductory day course in fusing at Tempsford Stained Glass, donated by our respective families and were converted. Following the advice given by the glass artist we had met in Norwich we jointly bought the biggest plug in kiln we could afford and spent the next 8 years exploring fused glass together until sadly Mary died from cancer. I was devastated, completely lost interest and couldn’t even enter the studio for weeks.

In mid September I remembered that we had booked our stand at Burnham Deepdale Christmas Market and that I would have to get motivated to make stock for it. Victoria offered to come and help cut glass thereby motivating me to work again. The market was a success thanks to the support of my friends and family.

Three years on I am working as a solo glass artist learning new techniques and branching out in new directions.

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